Make & Manage Payouts on Your Terms

Wonder makes creating, sending and tracking payouts fast, east and impactful. Our innovative technology leverages the payment ecosystem to deliver faster payouts with lower implementation costs.


1. Initiate Payout

Via an automated process or manual creation, create and schedule a payout in the Wonder Portal containing payee details.

2. Notify Payee

Payees will receive a notification for their payout via SMS and/or email, linking them to a landing page with instructions on how to claim funds.

The entire process is web-based, meaning there is no app to download in order to receive payouts.

3. Payee Selects Payout Method

Recipient selects how to receive funds, whether it be via a deposit direct to their card or via PayPal.


3 Factors To Weigh Before Adopting a Rule-Based Payment Approach


The Leading Payout Platform on the Market

Wonder's rule-based platform allows you to define business rules that define unlimited payout  scenarios, allowing you to easily issue recurring payments or one-time payouts with ease.

& Rigorous Security

Our direct connections to Visa, MasterCard and American Express are IP restricted and secured with certifications, ensuring data is encrypted both in transit and and rest.

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