A modern approach to customer-service Recovery

Instantly Issue

Wonders Digital Vouchers can be issued and delivered to your customers automatically.

Streamlined Interactions

Say farewell to customer service lines and cumbersome back-office procedures.

Seamlessly Redeem

Works at any merchant that accepts credit cards. Zero POS integration or staff training.


United Airlines Decreases Compensation Costs by 75%

United Airlines Decreases Compensation 
Costs by 75%

With Wonder, United Airlines was able to compensate customers affected by a service disruption quickly and effectively.

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Real-Time Visibility & Analtyics

Real-Time Visibility & Analtyics

Gain access to robust data and analytics, track customer spend and preferences on an individual or campaign level detail, evaluate ROI and more. Leverage the data to automate engagements with your customers and optimize your efforts.

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