The Digital World Is the Secret to Brick-and-Mortar Success

Your brick-and-mortar business doesn’t have to be an e-commerce giant or even an omni channel player to reap the benefits from digital marketing strategies. After all, more than 50 percent of all brick-and-mortar purchases are researched online beforehand.

 In other words, at least half of the customers you served face-to-face found you online.

 Without a doubt, digital marketing is a massive player. Not only is its current market value roughly $5.1 billion, but half of all U.S. retail sales have digital underpinnings.

 It’s an exciting landscape, but it’s also fraught with pitfalls. After all, your brick-and-mortar retail establishment is competing with big-box giants and e-commerce Goliaths. That’s why you need some digital leverage.


Make digital part of your brick-and-mortar operations

 It’s absolutely possible to improve profit margins by closing the gap between what happens in cyberspace and what happens in your store. What’s the catch? To be honest, ramping up your digital marketing requires deployment of some highly focused digital marketing tactics:


1. Build your email list constantly.

 Email marketing might sound old-school, but it’s pretty damn relevant. About two-thirds of all businesses that rely on emails say the practice provides their companies with the strongest return on investment of all their marketing strategies. However, businesses must continually build their lists to keep them performing, and that means offering consumers a compelling reason to hand over their information.

Wonder Technologies Email Incentive Referral
Promotional emails with an enticing offer, such as a monetary gift for referring a new customer helps to drive repeat business as well as engage new customers.

Incentives like the ones Wonder Technologies powers do an exceptional job enticing prospects and customers to engage with your brand, driving more spend in store. Plus, the data can be automatically formatted and downloaded to your preferred list serv, negating the necessity for tedious manual entry.


2. Track paid advertising beyond impressions.

 Typically, when you pay for online advertising, you end up with a wealth of data. Unfortunately, many businesses focus primarily on the number of impressions their campaigns registered but don’t dig deeper to find out whether and how those impressions directly influenced in-store purchases. In fact, most digital marketing platforms don’t even track that information.

When you combine digital marketing efforts with card-linked technology, you can definitely measure when an online impression results in an in-store purchase.


Instead of moving forward with limited knowledge, use Wonder’s Incentives Solution to connect the dots between digital moves and brick-and-mortar purchases. It will give you tremendous insight into ad performance and offline customer spend that can be repeated for maximum results.


3. Practice a mantra of evolution.

 Like all marketing channels, the digital world changes and evolves. Vehicles that were once considered low-effort and high-performing are regularly usurped by new methods. Facebook is a great example: A few years ago, businesses organically grew sales simply by setting up a free Facebook business page. Thanks to Facebook’s algorithmic changes, organic, aka non-paid posts are suppressed in the news feed. In fact, now posts made organically by business pages are seen by less than 3 of every 100 fans. Businesses are now forced to “pay to play” in order to get their social content seen.

Similar changes have occurred with both social media and email marketing. Carefully craft your content so it stands out among the mass influx of messaging your target audiences receive. For instance, you might want to extend more personalized offers to capture attention and boost in-store visits and sales.

Closing in efficiencies between what happens online and in-store involves maximizing every digital move your business makes. And a bit of upfront work can pay off handsomely. You don’t need an e-commerce storefront to become a master digital marketing pro; you need only a dedicated partner to help you blossom.

Interested in learning more about innovative ways to use digital marketing for brick-and-mortar or omni-channel success? Download our White Paper that explores how to bridge the attribution gap between online impressions and offline spend.


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