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incentive marketing program that’s
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“Wonder’s innovative digital gift concept has empowered us with new, undiscovered data that has fundamentally changed our digital incentives strategy going forward.”
Mammoth Resorts

Wonder Four-Step Process

Your Distribute Gifts

You Distribute Gifts

Easily create a campaign and send to customers

They Connect a Card

They Connect a Card

Customers activate by linking digital gift to their credit or debit card

They Redeem Instantly

They Redeem Instantly

Customers use linked card to redeem and get instant notification that promo has been applied

You See Results

You See Results

See redemptions as they happen

NO staff training.

NO POS integration.

NO change in consumer
behavior required!


Experience Wonder in Action

We will send you a sample gift so you can feel the frictionless experience
that is building brand loyalty and customer advocates for our clients

Create Programs that Increase Loyalty and
In-Store Spend…without POS Integration

Hotel & Resort:

Hotel & Resort

Encourage on-property purchases with promotional gifts and rewards

Shopping Center & Malls:

Shopping Centers & Malls

Build your CRM, engage customers, and drive spend across multiple retailers

Retail & Services Businesses:

Retail & Service Businesses

Offer a premium gifting experience that increases repeat visits and sales

Fine Dining & Fast Casual:

Fine Dining & Fast Casual

Increase frequency and awareness with bounce-backs and incentivized referrals

A Unique Customer Experience

Gift vs. Discount

Keep your premium brand value and surprise and delight your customers with a seamless gifting experience.


Deliver the right incentive to the right user at the right time based on spend and visit behavioral data.

Redemption Moments

Automatically send emails, alerts, and reminders that keep your brand top of mind with your customers.

Automated Referrals

Engage your best customers with incentives to share with your brand and grow your customer base.

Get to Know Wonder’s Key Features

Powerful card-linked solution drives engagement and revenue
by leveraging your existing infrastructure

Promo Gifts:

Promo Gifts:

Engage customers through email, social media, or in-store with an incentive gift that entices them to spend

Bounce-back Incentives:

Bounce-back Incentives:

Encourage your customers to visit again with spend- or visit-based reward gifts

Referral Program:

Referral Program:

Give your customers a personal referral link with an incentive to share. Wonder will track referrals and redemptions, and issue rewards



Provide a seamless redemption experience online and in-store with zero POS or e-commerce integration

Gift Reminders & Proximity Alerts:

Gift Reminders & Proximity Alerts:

Timely reminders and geofence technology automates re-engagement and establishes deeper customer engagement

CRM Builder:

CRM Builder:

Collect email addresses and transaction data to build richer profiles as your customers engage and swipe their linked credit or debit cards

Feature Fraud

Fraud Control:

Control distribution and sharing of your promotions, ensure single-use, and prevent redemptions during un-authorized periods



Leverage visit and spend data to automatically target individuals with meaningful, tailored, and contextually relevant offers and rewards

Campaign Optimization:

Campaign Optimization:

Understand results with real-time performance data and analytics...then adjust your campaigns to maximize ROI

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