One Platform, Many Applications

Wonder helps businesses create digital gifting and rewards programs that engage their customers and drive in-store spend

Hospitality & Resort
Encourage on-property purchases with promotional gifts and rewards
Retail & Malls
Build your CRM, engage customers, and drive spend across multiple retailers
Dining & Cafes
Grow your business with incentivized referrals and a better eGifting experience

A suite of powerful card-linked marketing tools for your business

Grow your customer base with incentivized word-of-mouth referrals, encourage shopping frequency and direct bookings with post-purchase reward gifts, drive customers in-store with single or multi-brand incentive gifts and more. Campaigns can easily be activated and tested to determine best performing gift values, brands and messaging.


promo campaign setup mockup

Simple promo & reward setup with robust fraud protection

Marketers can easily configure campaigns for single, fixed number, or unlimited use, specify budgets and validity periods. Easily control promos from going viral, being over-redeemed, or redeemed by the wrong customers.

Once consumers activate their gift or promotion, the Wonder platform automatically engages them and drives them into your store


Seamless redemption with no impact to your POS

Wonder gifts get virtually linked to a consumer existing credit or debit card and redeem automatically when they pay as usual.  There are no changes needed to your Point of Sale, no staff training, no awkward scanning and no operational impact.  Whether your customers swipe, dip, tap and pay, or pay via an App, linked gifts automatically redeem.

Real-time visibility into campaign performance

Get full visibility into the performance of your campaign, incorporate campaign participants into your CRM and build rich profiles for future targeting. Track engagement, activation, days to redeem, redemption location, total spend, repeat visits and more.

  • "Wonder has enabled us to influence consumer trial and spending at Mammoth Resorts-owned properties, gain greater insight and visibility into our campaigns, and delivered impressive customer engagement results that have exceeded our expectations.”

    Mammoth Resorts – Erik Forsell, CMO
Key Features & Benefits

Simple, Secure, and Completely Measurable

Easy to Deploy

Seamlessly works with your existing CRM, Social Media, and direct marketing strategy


Create multiple, simultaneous campaigns and make on-the-fly changes based on real-time data

No POS Impact

Works anywhere Visa is accepted with zero integration or configuration, MasterCard coming soon!

No Staff Training

Redemption is seamless and automatic and has no impact on the standard checkout flow

Automatic User Engagement

Intelligent and targeted email and push notifications keep promotional gifts top of mind with your guests, increasing redemption rates

Real-time Analytics

Monitor campaign performance, see redemptions as they are happening with visibility on total spend

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