Have a Citi® credit card enrolled in ThankYou® Rewards?

Eligible Citi® credit card holders can use ThankYou® Points to cover all or part of their digital gift purchases in the Wonder App with a statement credit!


Winner of the Citi Mobile Challenge, "Most Innovative Cards Solution," Wonder offers a fun, flexible and smart way for you to use ThankYou® Points towards gifts you really want from places you really love.

How it Works

To get started, you need to download the Wonder App for iOS or Android. Then, add your eligible Citi® credit card to your Wonder profile or enter it at checkout and follow the prompts to use your points.  When you use Pay with Points at checkout, three things will happen:



Select the amount of points you want to use
Your eligible Citi card will be charged for the full gift amount
The selected amount of points will be deducted from your ThankYou account and you'll receive a statement credit in 24-48 hours